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Public Bus Service

Bus for early morning flight out of Rome - COTRAL Night Buses.

Click in. Pantheon

There are buses run by a company called COTRAL that is more like Night buses to the airport. The last of the night buses leave Roma Tiburtini Bus station and also stops at Piazza dei Cinquecento in front of the Roma Termini train station at 3:45 AM.

The sign Cotral bus stop indicates the actual bus stop. Its almost the North west corner of the Piazza dei Cinquecento and just right outside Roma termini. Basically it is very close to one of the exit point of the bus station, where most buses exit and the this bus turns right onto Via Cavour after exiting the Piazza. You will find a small board at the indicated location on the side that says COTRAL and also the timings of the night buses.

Learn more about transportation in Rome. The color of the bus is BLUE contrary to the usual city buses(AMT buses) which are RED in color. If you get confused ask the small shop owner(shop that sells coffee, snacks etc.) in the pizza bus station and he can direct you. The 3:45AM bus leave Tiburtini at 3:45 and comes to Termini within a few minutes and reaches airport by 4:30 AM or so. So be there by 3:45AM and if the bus doesn't show up on time, dont worry. It will come. It costs about 7 EUR (as of Oct 2009).

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Rome Public Bus Services

Rome public buses run a very comprehensive and frequent system running from about 05:30 to midnight daily. These bus services are supplemented by night services that run all night.

The Rome Bus Pass also covers the Rome Metro Underground railway. The Rome Travel Pass is a cheap and flexible way of getting around. No independent visitor to Rome should be without a bus pass. Rome's buses like the Metro are busy at any time of the day, getting a seat is an unexpected surprise when travelling by bus in the city centre.

The central bus hub for visitors is the Piazza Venezia, though very few buses actually start here. The Pantheon and Roman Forum are easy walking distance from here.

The main bus station is at Termini Station. Core routes for visitors fan out south to the Colosseum, north-west to the Vatican City and east to Termini Station.

There are a bewildering array of routes, but helpfully nearly all bus stops are very large with the route of each route prominently displayed.

If you are doing just the odd trip in the centre, just look at the bus stops for which buses go to the place you want to go.

Very common in Rome are bus stops with electronic displays. These show how many minutes until the next bus for each route will arrive. Information is accurate as its based on live wireless feeds from the buses, not schedules.

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