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Rome: the Eternal City

Rome is a city so rich in history that you almost have to divide your sightseeing into at least two sections: ruins of ancient Rome and everything else. Whether you are planning a trip or simply would like to know more about the Eternal City, this site will try to give you some information that will hopefully prove both useful and interesting.

Click in. Colosseum

Undoubtedly, Rome has always been a city with an enormous influence and importance on the history of the world. Needless to say, Rome is chock-full of culture. You will find Rome museums, various festivals and events, and many other forms of entertainment. Modern and old, past and present go side by side, all the time. There are also lots of "minor" historical sites compared to places like the Pantheon, some of which are overshadowed by their more famous neighbors, but you can find some delightful parks and other attractions as well.

There is a large number of museums displaying ancient artifacts and countless Rome art galleries, with world-famous paintings and sculptures by artists such as Raphael, Botticelli, Pinturicchio and Belini, to name but a few. There are several tourism and tourist information offices situated in the city centre of Rome, and these provide up-to-date information about Rome attractions, museums, public transportation, local sights and general Rome tourism tips.

There are so many wonderful attractions to see in Rome that there is sure to be something for everyone. Whether you are looking for thrills and excitement, Rome history and exhibitions, or parks and gardens, you will not have to look far. Rome is one of world's most photogenic cities - not surprising when you remember what is here - The Vatican City, the Trevi Fountain, Saint Peter's Square, Spanish Steps, Colosseum... Whether you spend your time sightseeing, or lazing in cafes watching the world go by, it will be your turn to feature in your very own Roman holiday.

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